2 de abril de 2024

Rico Freimuth

Rico Freimuth Rico Freimuth has won bronze medal at the World Championships in Beijing 2015. Seguir leyendo

Frank Busemann

Frank Busemann Frank Busemann won an Olympic silver medal at the Atlanta Olympic Games (1996). Seguir leyendo

Lev Lobodin

Lev Lobodin Lev Lobodin on the podium: European Championships 1994, 1998 and 2002 bronze (decathlon). World Indoor Championships 2001 and 2004 bronze, 2003 silver (heptathlon).

Christian Schenk

Christian Schenk Christian Schenk was not sure he was the World`s Greatest Athlete after winning the Olympic gold medal in the decathlon (Seoul 1988). Seguir

Grigori Degtyaryov

Grigori Degtyaryov Grigori Degtyaryov is the Russian decathlon record holder with 8698 points Seguir leyendo

Niklas Kaul

Niklas Kaul Niklas Kaul set a World record with U20 implements of 8435 points when winning the decathlon at the European Championships in Grosseto 2017.

Jon Arnar Magnusson

Jon Arnar Magnusson Jon Arnar Magnusson is the Icelandic record holder at 100m, 200m, 110m hurdles, long jump and decathlon. He has won silver and

Robert Zmelik

Robert Zmelik Robert Zmelik won an Olympic gold medal at the Barcelona Olympic Games (1992). Seguir leyendo

Dina Asher-Smith in great relay form

Dina Asher-Smith in great relay form Briton aids fastest ever 4x200m clocking and impresses in 4x400m in our overseas round-up that includes full world cross

Steph Twell shines in Guernsey

Steph Twell shines in Guernsey Easter festivals produce competitive results and hammer thrower Jake Norris and Marathon-bound Marc Scott show good form elsewhere The post

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